We at AJJ Property Management provide you with professional property management and pride ourselves at being number one. Our real estate management company has a location right here in Spokane, Washington. We have years of experience in Spokane.

As a full service property management company, we want you to know that you will be given the same care and priority all our clients receive regardless of whether you have a small, medium, or large account with us. All of our clients are treated with the utmost respect and dignity; we know that you created this investment, and part of you is in each property that you own. With access to over 50 current vacancy web sites at our disposal, our property managers are able to find tenants quickly and efficiently to fill your properties now.

We Only Choose the Best Tenants
As a property management services provider, we want you to have peace of mind, so we use a three-part process for the screening of all tenants before approving them into your property. We provide a criminal background check, a credit check, and interviews of previous landlords to examine any slow pays or evictions on the tenant’s record. This allows us to collect a thorough background on each prospective tenant to keep our clients worry free. Once the tenant occupies the property, they are given 24/7 access to our company for emergencies or any repairs. A property manager will make this all seamless so that you can keep busy with your own life while we manage your properties. We will collect rent and deposit funds into a bank account of your choice using ACH direct deposit. If the need for eviction occurs, we will handle the process for you. Since all property management companies do not offer the same level of service, it is important to us that you go with the number one company in Spokane, Washington. We can get your property filled today with good tenants.

Get Your Properties Seen
Currently, 80% of tenants look for rental properties online, which is why AJJ Property Management takes advantage of the internet when looking for new tenants. We use our own money to create a large infrastructure for you. Part of this infrastructure is an online portal you are able to visit anytime. You can get a snapshot of your properties including information such as rental amounts, direct deposit information, and inspections. Speaking of inspections, we know that you want to keep your properties looking great, so we inspect each property both inside and out once every three months for your own peace of mind.