Your rights under state and federal law are as follows: Fair Credit Reporting Act and Rental Criteria 2019

We are working with neighbors and other landlords in this area to maintain the quality of our neighborhood. To this end, we have a very thorough screening process.

We do not charge for the rental application.  We accept current comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports made available to the us by a consumer reporting agency. RCW 59.18.257(1)(a).

Applicants will submit a copy of their driver’s license and Social Security Card.

We accept housing vouchers if your voucher is large enough to accommodate the rent at the property for which you have interest.

Please review rental application to ensure each line is completed. Failure to provide name and telephone number of current or past landlords will result in application not being accepted. Other omissions explained satisfactorily will be accepted. If you are related by blood or marriage to one of the landlords listed, or your rental history does not include a present landlord and two previous landlords, your application may be declined, or we may require a qualified co-signer on your Rental Agreement if accepted as tenants. (Co-signers must meet all applicant screening criteria.)

Each applicant must have sufficient income verifiable through pay stubs, housing voucher, bank statements, employer contact, or tax records. All other income, including self-employment, must be verifiable through tax records.

You can start the online application at: